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Internet Security

If you have no internet security on your pc, you are going to need it. If you haven't already been infected by some piece of malicious code you probably will be soon. Any pc that is on the internet needs to be protected by a firewall and anti spam. AVG is a great piece of software, even their free version offers basic protection that is definitely better than none! If you are running a website, then online security is something else not to be overlooked. Progrmas are looking for website vulnerabilities constantly.

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Home oil tank security

The watchman sonic is a great deterent, it will alert you if the oil level in your tank drop drastically - this can not only alert you if your tank has begun leaking but also if someone is stealing your oil! It wirelessly transmits information to a receiver in your home, accurately measuring how much oil is currently available in your tank. There are not many suppliers of this product in Ireland but one place you can go for this product is tanks.ie watchman sonic page. They also do a selection of secure coal bunkers that, while not as big a target as oil tanks can still be a problem for some people.

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